A staggering 70% of India's population lives in rural areas and has no or limited access to hospitals and other health institutions. Compare this to the fact that more than three-fourth of the specialist doctors reside in the urban areas. No wonder, we were unable to reach the Millennium Development Goal indicators pertaining to health, and fell woefully short of the intended target.

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Despite being one of the fastest growing economies, India has been struggling towards meeting the challenge of ensuring even basic universal elementary education for all. As per Census 2011, India's literacy rate is at 74.04% and gender literacy gap is noted to be at 16.68%. It also reveals that about 32 million children aged between 6 to13 years have never attended any educational institution.

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It is an unequivocal truth that environment plays an important role in maintaining and improving the health of people and ecosystems - from the well-managed soils and nutrients that underpin food production to the critical role of biodiversity in protecting human health against the spread of infectious diseases. Clean air in our cities can prevent the premature deaths...

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Livelihood comprises the capabilities, assets (including both material and social resources) and activities which act as prerequisites for a means of living. Nowadays, sectoral experts and academicians are debating more and more on the topics such as livelihood security and sustainable livelihood frameworks, that range from primary sector (agriculture) to secondary sector (manufacturing) to tertiary sector (services).

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To ensure development is not only sustainable and easy to access, but, also simplistic and scalable

Who We Are

Fiinovation has been successfully bridging the gap between businesses and communities through value based sustainable corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects in the sectors of health, environment, education and livelihood.

The motive has been to inspire innovative thinking and enhancing quality across social development modules. Being a CSR consultancy in India, Fiinovation through its unique in house "Proposal Research & Design Laboratory" assists in conceptualizing and designing CSR programmes/frameworks through application of scientific and rational research tools that are more effective and result oriented.

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