India at 70

On 15th August 1947, an epoch making event with few parallels in human history took place. After centuries of subjugation, one of the most ancient civilizations of the world got betrothed to democracy. The nation-state’s tryst with destiny began soon afterwards. Soon after alighting out of the

Averting the Loss of Inheritance

Today, the Taiwanese indigenous people’s first language is as insignificant as several dying native tongues in several Latin American nations as well as in North America. The same can be said of the tribal communities in India who are more marginalised with the movements of labour and capital

Combating The Silent Killer

Despite the availability of an efficient vaccine for hepatitis B and cure for hepatitis C, hepatitis-related mortality is on the rise. One of the major issues cited is that a majority of people are unaware of their condition due to limited access to affordable hepatitis testing.

Towards a Poverty-free World

In November, 2009, the United Nations declared 18th July as “Nelson Mandela Day” in a tribute to the legendary anti-apartheid activist. The theme of this year’s Mandela Day is “Action against Poverty.”
All of us are equal, yet only some of us are able to change the public discourse fo

Making Youth Employable

30% of Indian youth aged 15-29 years are neither in employment nor in education or training. This presents a dangerous scenario for India, a country home to 1.3 billion people. With more than 50% of its population below 25 years of age and 60% below 35 years, youth unemployment poses a serious exist

The importance of MSMEs

The UN General Assembly, at its 74th plenary meeting held on 6th April, 2017, passed a resolution that designated 27th June as Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day. The objective behind institutionalizing this day is to create and increase awareness about the significance of small businesse

Conserving the Reservoir Underneath

It is important that we understand the intimate linkage between surface and groundwater within the hydrological cycle. Ground water is a crucial source of water for streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands and bays.
Only a few metres was what Delhi residents had to dig to get underground water. But today it