World Cancer Day 2018


All about World Cancer Day on 4th February

World Cancer Day is observed across the globe to support the goals of the World Cancer Declaration, written in 2008. The initiative aimed at battling cancer is a global event formulated by Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), which combines leading cancer-fighting association promoted by more than 400 member organizations across 120 countries.  Over the years, several initiatives by both international and national entities have been launched to raise awareness on cancer, its treatment, and methods of prevention. The key objective is to reduce the illness and related death by 2020.

Cancer has evolved as an epidemic disease and at this moment, the crying need is to initiate discussion at family-level, city-level, state-level, and national-level.

Facts and figures

As per a recent journalistic report by Indian express, 70 percent patients consult a doctor only at terminal stage, contributing to cancer deaths at 2.2 million every year, out of the global figure of 8.8 million. These facts leave us intimidated. One of the reasons for an increase in a number of deaths is, due to lack of awareness about the disease, symptoms, and treatment, not only in rural spaces but in urban spaces as well.

Talking about breast cancer – as of today around 1.5 lakh, new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed every year in India. Over the next decade, it is expected to rise by 30 %. As per a recent release by AIIMS, every 8 women in the world suffer from breast cancer.


Today almost, everyone has a family member, a friend or an acquaintance fighting with cancer. Consequently, it becomes crucial to every conversation and campaign, to spread awareness on the leading contributors to the disease that can be prohibited. For instance, Tobacco is responsible for causing 20% of cancer death and obesity contributes to common cancer- causes that could be prohibited. In addition, early screening for breast cancer and cervical cancers may save lives.

Symptoms to Look out for

There’s a lot more we can do battle out the epidemic disease, if Government entities, public, private and non-profits come together more aggressively and promote cancer-based CSR in India.

Some of the initiatives by Government of India

1. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Scheme offers fiscal aid to the deprived patients. Known by the name, The Health Minister’s Cancer Patient Fund (HMCPF), the service is accessible for patients living below the poverty line in 27 regional cancer centers across India.

2.  The Health Minister’s Discretionary Grants offer up to a maximum of Rs. 50,000 to poor patients to assist them in hospitalization or treatment in government hospitals

3.  Schemes for Retired Officials-The Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) covers cancer treatment for retired Central Government employees and dependents.

4. Union Health Ministry announced in June 2017, that it would offer cancer screening via the government’s health sub-centers, primary health centers, and district hospital. The campaign at the start will be rolled out in 100 districts, including three in Bengal, five in Bihar, three in Jharkhand and five in Assam.

5. YouWECan– An initiative launched by Indian Cricketer  Yuvraj, started in 2102 focuses on educating the people on all the aspects of cancer with a special focus on early stages of cancer.

The nonprofit organization provides education funds to more than 100 cancer survivor kids while it has also accomplished over 1 lakh cancer screening’s (Oral and Breast Cancer Screening). The institution has more than 14 million digital audiences to support our initiative

6. Indian cancer society– A non-profit, national Organization for Awareness, detection, cure, and survivorship.

World cancer day 2018 Theme- WeCanIcan


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