list of CSR companies in India

Selecting a partner from the list of CSR Companies in India

For the companies venturing into CSR space for the first time, it is important to create a checklist while selecting a best partner from the list of CSR companies in India. Some of the factors that should be taken into account are as follows:

1. Duration of Experience
Before selecting a CSR Consultant, an organization must consider posing the following questions to the contenders. Do you have experience of working in different business domains with various CSR Initiatives? Have you ever collaborated with big corporations and NGOs in the past? Have you ever engaged Small and Medium Enterprises? A lot of valuable lessons can be drawn from the experience of working with the aforementioned types of businesses and entities.

2. Depth of Experience
When selecting a consultant from the list of CSR companies in India, one must strike a fine balance between enthusiasm and experience. There are quite a few CSR experts who are passionate about CSR and have begun offering valuable consulting in this area. Their acumen can be leveraged to achieve success in the CSR field.

3. Diversity
The team and workforce of a CSR Consultant must reflect heterogeneity. This is important because a consultant is expected to have access to broad range of diverse opinions and to individuals belonging to varied age groups, ethnicities and gender as well. A consultant’s broad social base can prove quite helpful in expanding the reach and influence of a corporation’s initiatives.

4. Building Capacity
Efficient CSR Consultant lay emphasis on putting themselves out of the limelight. Besides the consulting, CSR initiatives should be managed in close cooperation with an implementation agency and with little to no other outside intervention. Consultants who promote themselves excessively should be avoided.

5. Social Change
Although academic credentials are important, however, without practical implementation knowledge and experience, it alone isn’t enough. CSR consultant chosen from the list of Best CSR companies in India must assist in plugging the gap between profit and purpose. The consultant must understand how social change takes place.

6. Inspiration
One must search for and hire a CSR Consultant who prompts you to adopt an aggressive CSR approach in a positive and appropriate way. This is important because CSR requires prolonged commitment and sustained momentum.

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