Similar to the commercial investments, the social sector investments require adequate research for  designing and planning to ensure effective implementation of the social initiatives. It is advised to envisage the various aspects, indicators, challenges, monitoring, etc. that will influence the course of the programmes within the timelines that has been planned.

Fiinovation offers an exclusive practice in the form of CSR Policy design & Project Management for corporations in designing the requisite programme and its management. It assists corporations in conceptualizing the concept and designing the blue -print of their CSR initiatives in alignment with their CSR policy through its in-house “Proposal Research and Design Laboratory”. The lab has been setup to enhance quality across the organizational value chain which enables utilisation of scientific and rational research tools that make the programme more effective and result oriented in due consideration to distinct aspects of geography, availability of resources, stakeholder analysis and prospective impact, monitoring mechanism, etc.

Fiinovation offers its distinct services for the management of the programme that gives a competitive edge from other corporations in the long run. With the experience and expertise, the team is capacitated to recommend and suggest alternate strategies to the obstacles and challenges that are faced on ground during project implementation thereby ensuring successful completion of the initiative with the desired results.

The layout of each initiative encompasses time, cost, risk management, monitoring and evaluation guidelines and sustainability measures.

The following points are considered while designing an initiative:

  • CSR policy of the corporation
  • Need of the community for the initiative
  • Impact on all possible stakeholders in due course of the initiative and beyond
  • Project Feasibility- Social, Environmental & Economic Feasibility
CSR Policy design & Management