The evolution of CSR in India in the last two-three years has led to an increase in the number of effectively managed social sector interventions, thereby ensuring that the policy makers, program managers and program implementers now focus more on the outcome, impact and Social Return on Investment (SROI). It is imperative for the businesses to gather adequate information and credible data for building programmatic orientation/ re-orientation, internal planning & development, managing & executing programs, tracking progress and measuring performance, to know the success and accordingly proceed/align/re-align the strategies and achieving the desired results and outcome as planned.


Through its Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) practice, Fiinovation offers assistance to the regulators, donors, policy makers, implementers and other stakeholders to sustain and enhance the Shared Value through customized Result Based Management (RBM) framework for their programmes and analyze the effect of their initiatives that they have conducted.

Fiinovation has helped various organizations with its studies, recommendation and suggestion to overcome challenges and obstacles that have been pertaining and continuously hampering the smooth operations of the initiative.

Over the years, Fiinovation has designed frameworks, implemented and captured learning through the cross cutting quantitative and qualitative research techniques. It ensures the success stories can be embedded in learning and continued impact of the program can be taken to the next level. The innovative, tailored tools and methodology identifies the changes made by the project at the Physiological / bottom level of Maslow Hierarchy of needs.

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csr monitoring & evaluation,
csr monitoring & evaluation

Our Monitoring Services the following aspects :

  • Process Monitoring
    • How activities are delivered – the efficiency in time and resources.
  • Context Monitoring/ Situation Monitoring

Tracking the settings in which program operates

  • Beneficiary Monitoring
    • Tracking the beneficiary perception
  • Financial Monitoring
    • Tracking cost heads within predefined budget-head
  • Organizational Monitoring

Tracking the sustainability, institutional development and capacity building

  • Compliance Monitoring
    • For ensuring compliance with donor, governmental regulations; expected results etc.
  • Result Monitoring:

Tracking Effects of the programme

Our Effectiveness:

  1. Covering all stakeholders in MEL, including (but not limited to):
    1. Regulators
    2. Administration
    3. Beneficiary Group
    4. Control Group’
    5. Community Resource Persons
    6. Program Management and Implementation team
  2. Comparing the beneficiary group with control group
  3. Compiling and presenting simplified user friendly reports for readers across all levels

Comprising of our spread across all the terrains of the nation including the resource crunched areas