Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in India has evolved from being a voluntary activity to becoming a mandatory one under the Section 135 of Companies A ct, 2013, for certain companies which fall under the CSR ambit. This move from the Government is focused on bringing a cultural change within the businesses and also leveraging the expertise of corporations/companies for social development initiatives.

It is important that the social investments that are being undertaken  by the corporations bring about some positive engagement through their CSR initiatives. The businesses should ensure that the CSR initiatives planned, meet the intended goals and results. For the success of any programme which has been formulated, it is important that the programme is implemented and executed  as per the defined phases. In order to effectively implement a social initiative on ground, it is imperative to identify and establish credible partners which have relevant experience and holds a command on community mobilization and risk mitigation mechanism based upon the demography. Thus, it becomes important to identify the right and well capacitated civil society organization with the necessary expertise to implement the initiative in the most effective and efficient way to attain the sought results.

Partnership Management is a specialized practice offered by Fiinovation, where it caters to the interest of both, the Corporation and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). It assists corporations to shortlist the credible civil society organizations for the successful implementation of their programmes. Based upon the program aesthetics, the geographical requirements, organization experience and credibility, the implementing partner list is narrowed down and finally shortlisted and selected by forging partnership. A stringent assessment of CSOs empaneled with Fiinovation is done to establish their credibility based upon the documentation and the line of work in the sector.

With the current scenario and the challenges that are often faced with the implementation partner, Fiinovation ensures that preliminary set of requirements and documentation verification is done through its end in order to save time and hassles involved in the process.

Fiinovation is proud to have a strong network of more than 2000 CSOs across India.

The steps include:

  • Consultation with the CSR committee of the organisation
  • Analysis of the need, target beneficiaries, geographic location, CSR activities, etc.
  • Identification of suitable CSOs
  • Credibility check of the CSOs
  • Contractual agreement between the respective parties