Sustainable Rice Production

PI Industries - Fiinovation - CSR Projects

Industry : CSR

Sector : Environment

Sub Sector : Livelihood

Location : Rayagada, Odisha

PI Foundation, a trust supported by PI Industries partnered with Fiinovation to initiate their CSR Programme themed on ‘Income Generation Program through Sustainable Agriculture’ among the farmers in Rayagada district of Odisha. This intervention emphasizes on the training of inexpensive and sustainable agricultural practices of rice production which require lesser amount of water, energy resources and labour.

The project is aimed to skill over 1000 farmers by providing them hands-on training on the working of seed drillers, sowing method, insect pest management, judicious use of farm inputs and other extended services over the next two years, thereby enabling agriculture on the sustainable lines of production. The focus is also on product stewardship. The project is implemented by Harsha Trust which operates in 7 districts of Odisha ensuring livelihood security and improvement in the quality of life of the farmers.

Fiinovation is also be responsible to conduct independent monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment exercises on regular basis to ensure the success of the proposed CSR programme.